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Hakan S.
Hakan S.

How can i set up specific folder for a specific project and licence  en

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I read some of answers but, I want to ask 2 questions for install and project folder.

1. How many computer can i install Websitex5 with my license?

For example, i have 3 computer (2 for home: -notebook and desktop and 1 for work) and can i install my program to my both or 3 computer?

2. Specific File Location according to specific project.

Related with question number 1, I'm using a special web site project. And i want to place it to my Cloud: Dropbox's or OneDrive's specific folder because i regularly update it in different location and time. (not update ALL Websitex5 PROJECTS) I want to use uptodate files in home or work.

How can i store this projects file in the Cloud? Because i cannot set the storage folder in project basis...

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Elisa B.

Hello Hakan, 

thank you for getting in touch. 

The program can be installed on a maximum of 2 PCs, but we do have special solutions in case you need to use it on more than 2 PCs. You can contact us at *** to ask for a quotation for a multipost licence.

As far as the project storage is concerned, the correct way of saving them is to define a local folder on your PC in the program Preferences window, which by default is C:\Users\Admin\Documents\Incomedia\WebSite X5 - Professional\

Still, you can set this message as public and see if there are any users who came up with a Cloud storage solution who may provide you with useful tips. 

Please let me know if I can be of further help. Kind regards.

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Hakan S.
Hakan S.

H, Elisa,

Thank you for your e-mail but not enough answer for me.

For the license is ok, all 3 of them my own computers. If i can install it 2, it can be usefull for me.

For the using of cloud:

I wish programmer make this upgrade... :-) for us.

Because local driver is not enough me. The aim is using specific folder like OneDrive or Dropbox.

Thanks again for your answer.


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Adrian B.
Adrian B.

Just export the project iwzip file to the cloud/dropbox, etc. then if you want to edit from another machine later you must open from the cloud, make changes/publish, then save back to the cloud.

You must be careful because if you forget to save to the cloud after making changes, you could end up editing a previous version from another computer, and then those recent modifications are lost.

I like to name my export file as:  websiteprojectname[date].iwzip and update the date with each export.

You can delete the old ones if you want but at least you can have a few version backups in case you need.

Make an export to your local machine and the cloud as well, so you can work "offline"


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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Hakan, as Adrian said, use the iwzip file to allow working on the same project on different PC's. It is inconvenient but reliable.

It is relatively easy to set up synchronising of folders with one drive, but take care because if you synchronise the project folder there are known stability issues (just as there can be when working on an external USB drive).

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