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Miltiadis D.
Miltiadis D.

Uninstalling X5 Pro-13  en

Autor: Miltiadis D.
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I have the installation of the X5 Pro-13 14 and 15 in my PC

the Pro-13 I don't use it any more. if I remove it will it affect the 

installation of X5 Pro-14 and 15?

are there common files of the 13,14.15 that will be affected?

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Andre E
Andre E

No, you can remove it safely. you projecst should stay only v13 will be removed.

But it's never a bad idea to make an export project in step 5 from all your v13 projects.

That way it is 100% safe to remove.

There is no impact at all on other versions.

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