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Autor: Adrian Wood
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On my website -   I added a feature that I can't find and want to delete.

The feature is a wobbling speech bubble that says Click Me at the top left.

I made this to advertise coffee mornings at the church. I want to delete this but cannot remember when I made it and how I made it as there is nothing on the Home Page I made to delete.

Could you please tell me where I  found it and how I made it link to a file. I have looked for the pdf file but cannot find it. There used to be an advert corner one could add to the home page but this seems to have been discontinued.

When one clicks on the Click Me all you will see is a black page.  It used to open a short advert for coffee mornings but it doesn't anymore so I have obviously done something to it .

I want to know:

Where I add an advert, how I edit it and if there are other advert features I can use.

Thank you


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