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Hi there,

I switched from the 9-year old X5 to the 2020v3 pro one last year. Now finally finished the website due to main job. All works a lot better then the previous version I had, some options are placed elsewhere but I think I've found them all now. I do run into a small "problem". Not quite sure it really is a problem, but I rather see the following differently:

When I place an order in the webshop, as customer I receive an email from "***k"
As shop I get an order by email, but it's send from "***k". Is it possible to have the email come from the emailadress filled in by the customer?

Kind regards,


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Andre E
Andre E

maybe this help?

in short it is not possible anymore because of safety issues, a lot of providers have blocked this function because it was used a lot by hackers (spoofing)

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