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HI   Question about H2 tags   same question for H3 tags

How many carachters can be used in H2(3) tag

How many texlines can be used in H2(3) tag  ( If I have text long for 2 lines shall I make one H2(3) tag with 2 textlines or 2 H2(3) tags with one textline each)

What dioes Google use to find website ? Keywords typed in Field keywords or keywords typed imn Tags

Thank for answer and merry Chriustmas


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Andre E
Andre E


The guide helps you out a lot;

or do a serch yourself in the guide on SEO for instance

There is also a lot of information for you to search on google about this,

commonly H2 tags support topic or title element.

But folowing the help:

will give you a good website regarding seo, x5 will do the rest for you.

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