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Hi there

Then Websitex5 was updated again, yes something has happened since I started using version 8.

But this time it seemed like a bit of a hassle when it came to retrieving an image from your own computer. There are more choices! But where I have the problem is that I have a lot of images that I start by taking with my mobile device, and then they are in my "One Drive", for example. But this option I was allowed to choose if I wanted to insert an image from my computer that is Desktop and the Hard Drives I have in my computer. And of course the Free images and the ones I can access by redeeming some credits.

Will there be a change in this !!!

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

I do not understand sorry. Are you saying you can no longer access images in various or specific folders?

I have no issue simply scrolling to C drive, then browsing to users/username and the browsing to the appropriate folder.

Have I misunderstood your problem?

if you are using CTRL+left click, please try just left click on file open.

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