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Sinisa B.

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I have a HOVER button which I have changed some style on (color, effects...).

Since I have 6-7 of those, how can I copy this new object style to the other ones so I don't have to do it manually?

Object style > Copy & Object Style > Paste doesn't work...

I have the latest program version...

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Andre E
Andre E

No object style does not work, because with the object style you copy the style settings on top, not the style options in the object

but you can copy the complete object, then you need to adjust the link and tekst but the object style itself will move. Use what's most easy for you.

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Sinisa B.
Sinisa B.

@ Andre E

Thank you... but copying the object and then changing URL and text is certainly not "user friendly"...

We are working with WSX5 
- very seldomly - for maintaining our company web page only.

We are still using it - because, frankly, we haven't found the time (nor the willpower) to "replicate" our website with some other tool (but I think it's "coming down the pipe").

I have a personal knowledge working with many website designing programs - not to mention WP WYSIWYG page editors like Elementor, Divi and others.

Truth to be told - even five years ago WSX5 was outdated in many ways... I cannot see that this tool will/could progress in the way it should - other building a complete new software "from the scratch".

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