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Tina G.
Tina G.

Confirmation message appears prior to purchase  en

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The shopping cart is a really nice feature until the buyer reaches Step 4 of the purchase process. À confirmation message appears before a payment is made. The payment button is postioned below the confirmation message! Ugggg. The setup is very confusing. How can this message be changed so the payment button appears before the confirmation message?

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Anthony A.
Anthony A.

what you see is order confirmation, they have to click to pay after that. I know what you saying, I am waiting for that to change for almost 2 years (since v9).

this formula does not make sense for me either, customer always should see confirmation and order number, after they finish paying.

please go ahead and create an idea post, hopfully developers make changes to way that shopping cart has been set up.

if this post is the correct answer, please mark this answer as correct answer.


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Tina G.
Tina G.

My work around solution was to change the confirmation message on Step 4 to say:

Step 4 - Your order is almost complete. Please click Pay Now button below.

Please click on 'Pay Now' Button below to complete your order and check out.


Thank you for your order. Your order can be placed using the PayPal button below. PayPal accepts all major credit cards. Once your PayPal payment is made our team will process your order and prepare it for shipping.

We appreciate your business

(Pay Now Button)


The PayPal button is still below text but at least I was able to change the message which now informs the buyer to pay now.

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