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Imre Zsolt József U.
Imre Zsolt József U.

Table copy from external file and Quiz/Survey creator  en

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I would like to ask you  if it would be possible to add features for Website X5 Evolution in the next release/update:

-          Copying tables and then inserting to the program (e.g. from excel)

-          Creation survey/quiz/test forms with php script

These functions I really miss.  

Thank you.


Imre Urbán

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Claudio D.

Hello Imre Urbán,

To copy tables direct it is not possible but you can save them from excel as html files and then copy the code and paste it in the html&widget object.

For the php scripts these can be added in the html&widget object in step 3 and after to make it work you need to go to step 2 and open the properties of the page where you added the script and change the page extension to php so it will work once online.

Many thanks!

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