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In the last 5-6 years I have posted several Idea's, so my thought is now when the update plan is implemented, some of them might get into an update?

Maybe there should be a ecommerce version of the program?

Here is my idea list for future updates:

1. The product table should be in an external database, and maintenance of products should be possible from the Dashboard/admin section.

2. Import / Export with not only data, but also pictures.

3. Customers should be able to place a comment on shopping items, AND/OR make an product review with 6 stars. Maybe a product Facebook Like button?

4. To be able to have special delivery for some items who need special transport/handling. If a product in the basket is with special handling the transport selection under checkout would be disabled.

5. New product can be shown on on a special page, so customers dont have to search for them. OR they are automatically tagged with NEW icon for a specified time.

6. Product filter so the users can narrow down the product view.

7. From the product list add a column with tagging mark, so editing, deleting, copying is for all tagged products.

8. It should be possible to mark a product Active (visible) by default, so removing the mark makes it hidden in the product view.

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Franck M.
Franck M.



I will add that these features should ALREADY be present in a software that calls itself "professional e-commerce"
We could also add:
- The order of the payment process to reorganize, pay before receiving email confirmation.
- Be able to take into account the delivery point before proposing shipping rates for the international.
- Currency management still missing.
- and more and more ...

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