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John W.

Font linking error?  en

Autore: John W.
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When opening a project, I started getting a font link error. Not sure how I got it or what I did to make it happen but, have been unable to find the document it is referring to, to correct the error. I searched through the help pages but, I am finding no information on it.

I just purchased this program and it is evolution 14 which, is not in the product list. I wonder if this is the problem? HUM

Please help make it go away. Thanks!

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Stefano G.

Hi John.

At the moment, I can't' seem to be able to see any specific license linked to your current profile. Perhaps you've registered the software with a different email? if so please let me know here which so that I can gather more information on the software version you're currently using.

The issue seems to report that the Arial font has been used somewhere while it is not installed on the PC or was not linked to the project correctly. Can this be?

Please verify both these pieces of information and keep me posted here

Thank you


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