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Effects affect TAB slide show in Text Object (2019.1.7 PRO)  en

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This is not a critical error, but it is extremely annoying if the user does not realise it can be "fixed" by using an alternative effect. Enjoy!

A text object with tabs set as a slideshow and an effect applied to the cell.

If some cell effects are applied the image size and position is affected and in at least one circumstance insufficient space is allocated for the text.

Zoom-in temporarily affects the display, but this is acceptable (?) On completion of the first slide show, the image is correctly positioned.

Rotate in up right misplaces next/back buttons

Rotate in up left, Rotate in down right and Rotate in down left and Rotate in misplaces next back buttons and adds much white space. Flip in X and Flip in Y same fault as rotate but even worse (no graphic on Flip in X)

Bounce in crops the image and mis-sized the text object so the text won't fit. All other bounce effects work fine.

All Fade effects behave properly and all effects in the Main group work correctly

When there is an issue it can generally be corrected with CTRL+F5 or resize browser window.

I have attached a sample project which easily shows the error, to display the problem I did ctrl+preview after changing each effect - unfortunately screen shots do not do the issue justice.

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Stefano G.

Hi Esahc.

Your report of the mentioned issues and accurate description is much appreciated.

I proceeded to notify the developers of these inconsistencies and sent the test project directly to them

I will be sure to keep you posted here should there be any news available on this

Thank you for your effort 


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