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Valerie K.
Valerie K.

The entered value is not valid for this field  en

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Hi Paul,

I apologise. I am writing another message because it indicated this one had been dealt with already. I hadn't completed it yet.

Thank you I did go to Sending order and wrote "Send data to database,"  and the following message "The entered value is not valid for this field" keeps coming up. When I had "Send Data by e mail, the message that came up was "Activate Send Data to Database."

I got this information from (who are my hosting)   . Please note that a remote access to the database (e.g. from your computer) is not possible. You can only connect to the database via phpMyAdmin (in your control panel) or via your webspace (PHP connection string:

I am not sure what this means and what to do.  Does this mean though that I can't build my digital shop on Website x 5.

There must be a way.  I purchased Website x5 professional to help me to build a digital shop. 

I would be grateful for any suggestions.

Thank you.

Kind Regards


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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Valerie,

I will close this thread as your previous message was indeed successfully registered.  You can access it here:

Let's continue on that thread so as to keep the conversation and information all in one place.

Many thanks!

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