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Rene K.

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Dear Andreas and Kolasim,

There has been several posts about a simple way to use the new formats Webp, Jpeg-2000, JPG-XR and Heif.

I tried the solution to use *.* or *.webp etc and it will show the image files in the file-lists for selecting them in the object but after confirming the imagefile(s) Website X5 does not show them finally.

I do not have the time to find workarounds for this situation or to read many articles etc. I am just an user with some technical skills. My website is online for 2 weeks now and I am now in the phase to sharpen, to optimize everything. One important thing is to reduce image files.

I am really satisfied withe Website xX5, for me it functions great but it would make life easier if I simply can select these files within all the objects. It is just too important to me to get the performace of my website as good as possible. 

Could you tell me if this ommision is going te be part of a nearby update?

with kind regards.

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Stefano G.

Hello Rene

Although the possibility of upgrading the software by implementing the possibility has been reported for evaluation already, many of these new formats aren't, as of now, still completely compatible with every browser out there and some work is required to build the code properly so that, if a specific browser isn't able to support it, the website would still display something

For the moment, there is no update programmed on this specifically although as I mentioned, the matter has been noted as to be able to keep it under consideration for the future

Thank you


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