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Gerald L.
Gerald L.

Degradation via change  en

Autore: Gerald L.
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This is not praise, are we changing things to justify salaries.  This latest update includes a change to the upload screen which now requires several clicks and screens to see and chach all the parameters and seems to provide absolutely no advantage.  Please stop doing these unhelpful things.

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Claudio D.
Claudio D.
Utente del mese IT

surprised forse non ho capito ma, a me sembra come prima...

i parametri FTP/DB/email li compili una volta sola, cioè la prima volta

poi i click sono gli stessi di sempre...

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Stefano G.

Hello Gerald

I'm sorry to hear such feedback on the new version, but I strongly believe this comes from the fact that the new changes weren't completely understood

The click amount should not have changed. You simply needed to change these options in Step 1 before while right now, everything has been moved to Step 5 where it should belong

Additionally, we now provide an integrated hosting system which seems a big enough improvement to justify the change in Step 5. At least that is what we struggled to deliver

I hope you will take another shot at this in this new light

Thank you


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