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I tried the demo version of WebSite X5. Following questions arised:

1. After changing the number of raws or columns in table, if it opens for repeated editing, all the same it opens with initial 3 raws and 3 columns. Is this the restriction of demo-version or a bug?

2. Is it possible to define the width of a page being created in pixels?

3. Suppose, I want to create a site in two langueges. Suppose, I create the welcome page, where there is choice of language. However, if I do so, only language of supporting text through the site (titles of forms) switches. If I want that all text materials (after welcome page) were in different languages, must I create two separate sites in two languages or it is possible in some way to use standard possibilities of WebSite X5?

4. It is uncertain from demo-version, if I export the site, files of photos will be copied into proper folders of site automatically or I should make this manually? Or I must from the beginnig create a folder with all images in the site folder?

5.Is it possible in future to add new photos to the site?

6. It is inconvenient that I can add raws only above the selected cell in a page. Practically, it is often necessary to add raws below. Thank you and excuse me for my bad English.

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Claudio D.

Hello Alexandr,

1) Do you mean in the Table Object in Step 3? If yes, was there content added or you just added rows and columsn?

2) Yes you can define it by modifying the template in step 1.

3) You can choose to use the google translate plugin but the best choice is to create 2 separated projects where you create a copy in a second language.

4) When you export the project online the program will create the folders and upload the fotos automatically.

5) Yes you can always edit the project and add new images and then upload it. The project can be expanded and changed all the time.

6) If you click on the arrow near the function you can choose to add a row below also.

If you require any further information, please feel free to write back.

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