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Bengt Lynggaard N.
Bengt Lynggaard N.

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Autor: Bengt Lynggaard N.
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When I boughtWebsiteversion10, it was partly because itwasin Danish.I'm reallybadat English.Now I havepurchased version11, butcannotinstall itin Danish.What'sgone wrong.Iwill beverydisappointedifyoucan not help me. I amotherwisevery happy withthe program.

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Samantha M.

Hi Bengt!

I'm very sorry but version 11 has not been released in Danish yet. In the following page you will be able to see all the languages the software has been released in at the moment. Please look into the table on the right hand side of the page. 

Feel free to write back if you have anymore questions.

Thank you,

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