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Marvin S.
Marvin S.

Problem with adding image to a video on Sitemap  en

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Hi, I am having an issue with adding an image to the sitemap for to cover over my videos as a preview image.  When I add the photo and I publish the site, the image is not available.  I used a .JPEG or .PNG file type and the image still does not appear.  I put the image to the size the program wants it at of 120 pixels by 90 pixels and larger and the image still does not appear.  What seems to be the problem with this?

I have included 2 images for you to see what I am doing.

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Andre E
Andre E

Marvin S.

The part in x5 where you are looking at is the sitemap. the sitemap is used for google search engines so it shows up in google on a certain way. This is not for your website itself.

If you check google for your own site and then goto the videos you will see that google uses your picture to present the video. That's exactly what the sitemap does. So it works correctly ( i heva checkd it for you.)

PLease keep in mind if you change it that google need 4 till 6 weeks to update there search indexes.

Hope thhis is helpfull for you.

Best regards, Andre

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