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Peter W.

Wsx5-14: Cannot install update v14.0.5.2 -  en

Autor: Peter W.
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I am using the Beta testing license of Website X5 v14 Pro.

Every time I start Website X5 v14 Pro v14.0.5.0 (64 bit), I am asked to install the latest version (v14.0.5.2). When I try to do this, during the update, the update aborts with the following message:

"It was not possible to install the files on your computer.

Please verify that all programs are closed and restart the update."

This happens every time. How can I install the update, properly?

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Claudio D.

Hello Peter W.,

Check all the WebSite X5 Programs are closed in the Task Manager and then in C:\Program Files\WebSite X5 v14 - Professional start the program imUpdate.exe and follow the steps.

If this should not help try to download the installer with the latest update from the Downloads section in your profile and proceed to install it.

Many thanks!

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