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Ruud Rombout

Adjust menu in header to the width of the browser window  en

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I just upgrade to Website X5 Professional version 17. One of the new features by the template is that I can enable the option "Adjust to the width of the browser window" (translation from Dutch to English..) for the Header! I can see when using a differed color for the background that this is working. 

When I go to the option "Content template" I can define the content of the Header. But when I do a review off the project I notice that de content off the header is not spread across the whole browser window.

I would suspect that, because of the option Adjust to the width of the browser window. 

Is this a mistake form my site, or do I something wrong? Or is this still not possible to spread the Header across the whole browse window? 

For your information till version 13 I used the following HTML code (included in the Header) to achieve this:
<!-- URL = -->
<!-- -->
#imHeaderBg {position: fixed; z-index:100;} 
#imHeader {position: fixed; left: 15px; z-index:100;} 
#imHeaderObjects {position: fixed; z-index:200;} 
#imMnMnContainer {position: fixed; z-index:200;} 
#imMnMn {position: fixed; right: 15px; z-index:100;} 
#imContent, #imContentGraphics {padding-top: 80px; padding-bottom: 0px;}

This is not working anymore within version 17. The Image is lineup to the left (as expected) but the Menu is not line up to the right, as it did in version 13. You can see this on my website which is still published with version 13.
URL is

With regards,
Ruud Rombout

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Stefano G.

Hi Ruud,

I can confirm that as of now, it is still not possible to extend the header's element to the width of the browser.

In this latest version, it is now possible to do so for the Object inside the normal page, but not yet for header and footer.

We already received several Idea topic for this, and are currently discussing future implementations, without any guarantee though.

As of now, you will still have to make use of custom code if you wish to achieve this.

Let me know if I can provide further information on this

Thank you


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