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Jan-willem V.
Jan-willem V.

Help! i need to make somechanges in my website!  en

Autor: Jan-willem V.
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I can't use websitex5 anymore and my adress and phonenumber have changed! Can somebody please help me to make changes on my websites and and How can this be possible that i'm no longer able to make changes myself? I bought this product..

I first asked incomedia and this was the answer:

Please consider that unfortunately we do not offer this conversion service anymore, I am sorry about this. If you need to convert your iwp, please create a new public post on our Help Center, so the moderators can help you solve this issue:

Does anyone has an idea for a more permanent solution?

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Andre E
Andre E

Hoi Jan-willen

ik neem aan dat je het project nog hebt dus aanpassen kan in v8, als je van je v8 project naar v10 wil kan ik je  wel helpen, ik heb dan je project nodig om om te zetten.

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