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Tom G.

Software version number question  en

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I have a question regarding the software’s “version number”.

As of today, we have version “17.0.8”. What do these three numbers mean?

I understand that the “17” is the highest level (duh!). What was the reason to change the highest numbers from “15” to “16” and now to “17”? Have these versions been so much different/better/enhanced when comparing them? Or was it just a reason to charge for them?

What does the next number, the “0” (zero) mean? When will it change to the next number, like “1”, or “7” or “15”?

And the third number, the “8”? Recently changed from “4” to “6” and now to “8”. What does this number mean? Why has it been changing not using consecutive numbers, like “1” to “2” to “3” etc.?

Now, how do these numbers correspond to the “Update Protection”? Which version number will you get for free without “UP”?

Will you get free update for “17.0.x” and/or “17.5.x” or not?

Will you get free “18.x.x” or to get it you would either have to buy it or have “Update Protection” purchased earlier?

I hope, Incomedia will explain.

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Andre E
Andre E

If v19 comes out before the up expires you will get v19 included in the up.

So in short all version updates from your product Evo or Pro no matter what number will be included if they come out within the UP period to you with no extra charge.

the last part is just a follow up for versions with extra's or fixes.

The zero i don't know mayby for future reference?

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Tom G.
Tom G.

Andre, I understand that while my Update Protection is valid (not expired) I will get all new releases for free. This is obvious.

My question is what will I get if I do not have valid UP?
Will I get, for example, version 17.0.9, or 17.2.x? I assume that - yes I will.

How about version 18.0.1? I would think I would not get it free. But what conditions must be fulfilled by the new version of the program so that the version gets the next number (18 after 17). I am afraid that the company may issue version 18.0.1 instead of 17.2.15 just to force users without UP to buy it (and not give it for free) without meeting new version's requirements.

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Andre E
Andre E

Hello Tom,
On the link in the page metionend it is explained what you get if you don't have up or if it expires:

If you decide to stop, instead, you’ll be able to keep using the last software version you installed, forever. What if you change your mind? No worries, we'll always keep an eye out for anyone who chose WebSite X5.Still missing something? Let’s clear the air.

  • You decide to activate WebSite X5 Evolution or Professional with Update Protection included today:
    we’ll ensure you receive all the updates that we’re going to release from Feb 21, 2018 (your date of activation) until Feb 21, 2019. For example, if the version 15 or 16 go live in this period of time, they will be available for you to install and use forever.
  • You already own the current version, that is WebSite X5 Evolution or Professional 14:
    the Update Protection is already running, with date of software registration set as the start date. Then, if you have registered the software last Oct 18, 2017 (v14 date of release), we’ll ensure you receive any update we’re going to release until Oct 18, 2018.

If you stop on 17.0.8, then that's the version you will have, it will not be updated anymore.

So if people are happy with what they need and have from there current version and have no new desires, then they save money and they can always update again after a few years.

If you always want newest then you pay for the update protection. It's the same as buying a new version, this also came out once a year. So costs you will alway's have.

Eshac gave me the tip that most versions work like this: version number:new feature:minor fix

Hope this helps?

Best Regards,

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John S.
John S.

Hello Tom

Before Upgrade was introduced :

The version you had bought was maybe or maybe not filled with bugs. This was dependent whre in the lifecycle you bought the version. Yoy had a lifetime/unlimited  license to this version. As time went on, more and more bugs were solved, and you would by time have a near bug-free version. No new features were introduced, but you knew what you had. You could then follow the next version and if there was only new functions that you could live without, then you could stay on you old and functioning version. When a version was introduced with some new functionality you could not live without, then you had to buy that version. Maybe with a discount.

After the Upgrade is introduced :

You have a version that you can upgrade within a year. If a new release or version is introduced, you are allowed to upgrade to this version. If a new version is introduced one month before your upgrade expires, you could face problems.

If you upgrade to that version and starts to make projects then, after a month you cannot upgrade. If you have serious problems with the new version, then you are in trouble.

You can choose to pay for a new upgrade period, and then the carrousel starts spinning.

You can also abandon the work you have made on the new project - continue with the last near-bug-free version, and then wait until a version is released, with functionality that you cannot live without -  and then buy this version.

You have to face : If you want to use the X5 in the future, then you have to buy an upgrade every year, for half the price for a new package. This will be the same as if you buy the X5 package for full price every second year.

OR - you could continue with a near-bug-free version and then buy a new package when new useful functions is added.

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