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Petr K.
Petr K.

It is possible to run WebSite x5 PRO on my own server?  en

Autor: Petr K.
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It is possible to create an offline e-shop and then place it on my own server?

Or install the WebSite x5 professional software directly on my own server and create an e-shop directly on server?

Alternatively, what additional software will be needed?

thanks for the answerps


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Stefano G.

Hi Petr.

The WebSiteX5 professional software is probably much better installed on your current machine. Through the software, you will be able to configure your website in all its aspects, which can be done no problem on your local computer.

Once you're done, the software will take care of exporting your finished work to the final server, so that the website will be displayed correctly online for whatever user who visits it. There is no real need to have the software installed directly on the server machine.

Did you perhaps have a particular need for which you need this to be done? If so, please let me know here so that I might help you further

Thank you


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