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Larry H.
Larry H.

Changing text for tablets and cell phone is changing the test in my desktop view  en

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In the Template Content, I'm changing text size to fit the tablet and the cell phone view and it is changing the text size in the desktop view. I was watching a video on YouTube and the designer said that shouldn't happen.

What am I doing wrong?

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Andre E
Andre E

Don't know what happened, dont know the video.

What do i know, well that this is normal behavior, if the text is too large then copy the object.

Set the hidden object management (button on top) to not show the object in this resolution.

After that past the earlyer copied text blok, chang sice of text and you will be fine.

Normally x5 will set a smaller object window but till a certain level it will show correct after that the info inside wil not fit anymore. So if you want some information in another format hide it, and make a copy and change that.

I have made also these kind of changes on bigger view's on websites  I have a wide and big footer will all kins of links and information (table). But you just can't fit that in the lower resolutions, so I hid it there and made a small text object with onlly the most importamd info / links for smaller view's

Again x5 won't change format because you choose this, so the way to go is like described.

If you need more info let me know.

BR Andre

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