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Alan W.
Alan W.

Galley causing strange icon on actual phone  en

Autor: Alan W.
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I have an automatic gallery on the home page.
it displays perfectly in all resolutions in X5; but on a phone or iPad as strange symbol appears.

Images from X5 and my phone show the difference.Not the end of the world but I would rather it was not there. 

How do I remove it?

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Alan,

It would be helpful if you could post a screenshot or image of the symbol you refer to?

Or alternatively a link to the relevant page on your website?

However, in all likelihood it is probably just the icon which indicates to a mobile user that they can interact with the gallery via the touchscreen.  If this is the case then it cannot be removed, nor should it be, as it is part of the User Interface.

Such icons are also a feature of the mobile operating system as opposed to anything to do with WebSite X5.

Kind regards,


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