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Sue E.

WebSite X5 Manager app not allowing a website to be added through QR code or mannually  en

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I have just finished creating our website using the latest version of Website X5 Professional and have downloaded the WebSite X5 Manager from the google play store onto an android device. I have attempted to both add manually the correct details of one of our website administraitors and scan the QR code under the Settings -> Website X5 Manager. Neither have worked and state that either "The website cannot be added. Check that the data is correct" and "Incorrect QR code". I have noticed that this is a re-occuring comment on the Google Play Store and the response is to "contact our technicians on our help center" and a link to this website. 

It would be good if these problems could be addressed as soon as possible as this was one of the selling features of Website X5 Professional and would help us manage and monitor our website. 

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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Elizabeth,

The QR code that you are looking for is not the one that you find in Step 1 Settings > Advanced > WebSite X5 Manager (that is the QR code for the Manager App itself)

Instead you need to visit the online control panel for your WebSite X5 project and scan the QR code which you will find there.

Please let us know if you continue to have difficulty.

Kind regards,


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