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Bernd K.

Preview in the Swiper Animated Slider Editor - How to?  en

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About the editor of Swiper Animated Slider:

I can't see an preview of my images.

But I can see a description(de - Beschreibung).

This doesn't match together.

Is it an error or an "feature".

Best regards


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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Bernd,

It's not an error as such, the software has been designed that way.

The images which you see in the little Preview (Vorschau) window are default, stock images within the software itself, which serve only to illustrate the type of slide effect which has been chosen.

The behaviour is a little confusing, and has caused similar misunderstanding with regards to the Slice Box:

At the moment the only ways to see the Swiper Animated Slider effect on your own images are to either enter the Preview browser in WebSite X5, or export your project to the server and test in your own browser.

Kind regards,


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