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Colin H.
Colin H.

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I have inadvertently deleted my most recent local v 2019 project file for .

How can I download the current site from the internet please?

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Colin,

Unfortunately there is no way to import raw HTML/CSS/JS/PHP files into WebSite X5: the software does not work like that.  It is an HTML generator as opposed to an editor.

The best you could do would be to copy as much text as possible from your live site, and download as many images as possible, etc., and then paste these into Text and Image Objects in a new project.

This is assuming that you do not have a backup of your project somewhere else in the form of an IWZIP file (which is the file WebSite X5 produces when using the option 'Export the Project' in Step 5).  For future security it is prudent to export regularly and keep a copy of the exported IWZIP file safe at all times, preferably with a second copy on a differing medium.

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