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Sinisa B.
Sinisa B.

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Autor: Sinisa B.
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I got a strange "dash" at the very top of the drop-down list in my contact-form.

It looks like - in the "language pack" - some form's default description text is missing ... I checked the language pack translations -but I have not found any text that should go instead of that dash "-"...

I'll appreciate any help in replacing or removing of this dash - thank you!

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Paul M.
Paul M.

Hello Sinisa,

The dash is there by design in drop-down fields, and equates to "field not yet selected by user".

Rest assured that there is no text or translation missing.

Kind regards,


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Sinisa B.
Sinisa B.

@ Paul

Oh, yes - I remeber. from my Dreamweaver coding days..
...but ,again, would it be nicer that we could use some instruction/note for the visitor instead of the "-"?

Something like: "Please select one of the options below".

This dash looks like something is missing... but this is too much to ask for Incomedaia, I believe...

Paul, thank you!
BTW-no feedback from Incomedia yet on my FREE "UP" for administrators initiative (posted yesterday). What a shocker!cry

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