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John W.

Paul M., can you chime in on this?  en

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Looking for Paul M.

Paul, you have been a great help in the past. My host provider just sent me this e-mail:

Ok, I am looking at /pcss/index.css

And I have to ask... what software are you using to design this website? Whatever software it is... it completely mangles the CSS. lol. Makes it so complex as to be almost unreadable and adds a HUGE overhead to your website. 

For instance, if you open that file (index.css) in the pcss folder, look how large it is first off... and remember that this file is loaded every time a user opens index.css. 

Now, while looking at that file, do a text search for .imHeading1

You will see 24 results. They look something like this:

#imTextObject_06_tab0 .imHeading1 { line-height: 40px; }

Now that means that the code in the brackets will be assigned to any class named "imHeading1" that is inside the object named "imtextObject_06_tab0". 

I know that's confusing... but essentially it creates a new css wrapper for each object on your page and allows you to assign css names to each class under that. The problem with that is it is very inefficient. There are 24 copies of the same code for "imHeading1"... and likely for every class. It works, and it probably makes it very easy to code, but your site will be slow as molasses because of the size of the files. 

If you let me know what software your using, I will see if they have a way to optimize the CSS.

**** My question to you, Paul, is this the way it is with Website X5, or is there a way to trim down on the
size of the .css files? CSS language is beyond me, I have not studied anything about it. But of course I do
not want a slow website. Your input would be appreciated. Not sure how to contact you directly in this
forum, so I hope this eventually routes to you.

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John W.
John W.


You have been helpful in the past, and I believe you are showing me the right thing. But, what version of X5
is this? I do not seem to have a section for File Size and those parameters you show checked off in version
2019.2.9. Is this a 2019.3 onward thing? It does seem that this is what I would be looking for in regard to get
those CSS files smaller.

Any idea of how much smaller it makes them? The present index.css file is 431,862 bytes. Most all the others seem
to be around 380 to 460 KB. These file sizes do seem quite big.

The index.html is at 96KB.

Let me know what version of X5 your screenshot is from above.

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.

"But, what version of X5 is this?" - WebSite X5 Pro 2019.3.14.

"I do not seem to have a section for File Size and those parameters you show checked off in version
2019.2.9. Is this a 2019.3 onward thing?" - Yes you are right.It appeared in 2019.3.

"Any idea of how much smaller it makes them?" - I can’t say for sure, but I think that the file will be 20-70% smaller.

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