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Chris B.
Chris B.

Map and facebook feed not working  en

Autor: Chris B.
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I am using Website X5 Evolution 10 version

On the following webpage...

I have a map ( 3595 Mowbray St. Brougham Ontario Canada ) and a facebook feed (

Both work in Preview, but do not work when I upload the website.

They both worked perfectly up until recently, but do not work now.

I did not make any changes to this page before they stopped working. 

I would appreciate any advice on how to get these functions working again.

Thank you!


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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Chris,

This is happening because you are trying to load mixed content in the same page...  namely content served insecurely (http://) and embedded in a page which is secure (https://).

Whilst this may have worked in the past the web is becoming ever more security conscious, and this sort of thing is no longer allowed:

The reason everything works OK in Preview is that you do not have an SSL certificate installed in the internal preview browser.

It may be that you have recently installed an SSL certificate for your website on your server, and this has created the mixed content scenario, but irrespective of the cause, the remedy is the same.  You need to change the URLs for both of the embedded links so that they both have https:// prefixes, as per your own webpage, like this:

On a side note please be aware that version 10 is now considered extremely old (the web moves fast!) and as such official support for the same has long since ceased.  Also, some aspects of websites created with version 10 might no longer work, and especially so as time goes on.

Kind regards,


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Posted on the from Paul M.
Chris B.
Chris B.

Paul M.

Thank you for your help wiht this, especially as my version of the software is no longer covered by tech support!

Your solution was perfect and all is functioning properly once again.


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