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New version upgrade X5 Pro 2021.52 vat is displaying instead of hst in cart  en

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Hello everyone

Joe Oliveira Here

I hope somebody can help me with this.

I just upgraded to the new version X5 Pro 2021.52

Incomedia made some improvements to the cart in this version, before the upgrade my cart was displaying HST in the order summary, and now the word VAT is displaying instead of HST in the order summary in all steps of the cart, (1-2-3-and 4). as you can see in the snapshot highlighted in red. I checked the Content-Language box in step1 - (General Information). I see that my changes from VAT to HST are still there. Is there a way to fix this, or do I have to wait for Incomedia's next update?

THANKS for the help!

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J. Oliveira
J. Oliveira

Here's the fix :

Go to step 1- Settings – Shopping Cart – Options – Settings: Predefined

Click on the box icon, Vat Settings should appear highlight the VAT on the second box and click edit to change it to HST click OK and you're done.


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