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Derek K.
Derek K.

Analytics: Cannot connect to database  en

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Hi Paul,

Yes I have and I have checked other websites and I can log in. With this particular site it is now accepting my user name and password but I get this message Analytics: Cannot connect to database



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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello again Derek,

I have moved your reply into a new thread as this separate issue is not related to your original one (which appears to be resolved as you can now log in to the control panel?)

WebSite X5 Pro has a built-in testing facility in the control panel which can help you resolve any issues with your database setup.

WebSite X5 Control Panel

Look for the segment entitled 'Commands in the WebSite Test section'

This assumes that you want to use WebSite X5 analytics and haven't switched it on accidentally.  You can switch it back off if required in Step 1 Settings > Advanced > Statistics, SEO and Code > Statistics

However, if you do want to use WebSite X5's own analytics then you will need to set up a database connection in Step 1 Settings > Advanced > Data Management, as the built-in analytics won't work without one.

Kind regards,


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