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This is copy-paste from Malcolm P.

I definenately need the total quantity discount in my webshop!

I really wonder why it is not implemented yet!

You must speed up or you will loose more costumer like me!

Because there are more issues that need to be solve included the currency change by drop down button on only 1 webpage setup!!

Best regards 


//"Shopping cart total quantity discount Author: Malcolm P. Visited 243, Followers 1, Shared 0   Tags: cart,discount,order,quantity,shopping,website x5 pro 2019.1

Is there any simple way of generating an automatic discount in the WX5 Pro shopping cart for an order comprising multiple 1-off items of differing types when a set total minimum quantity is met or exceeded, e.g.:

1-off green widget
1-off yellow widget

Minimum total order quantity 2, order discount -10%

I realise this function is already built in for multiple items of a single type, but I need it to work for a total order quantity instead of individual item quantities in this case.

Similarly, any way of applying a discount based on the total order value exceeding a set amount?

Thanks for any suggestions. I would prefer to avoid custom code if possible."//

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Sinisa B.
Sinisa B.

@ Naeema B.
The e-commerce part of the software - is the part that needs a lot of updates/tweaks.

I have posted a numerous posts on different e-commerce topics months ago - but still no change in the e-commerce...

Hopefully, the e-commerce updates would soon get into focus of Incomedia's developers - otherwise I suspect that you could not handle this issue even with a custom coding - because the X5 is not an open-source software...

I wish that I'm wrong on this...

@ Incomedia - c'mon - the regular web-site builder is modern and OK, don't you think it's about time to fix the e-commerce?

As I wrote many times before - fix the e-commerce and raise the PRO version price! I'm willing to pay 100 EUR more - IF I have the software which I can USE PROFESSIONALLY (hence the PRO in the name, right?).


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@Sinisa, all

Not agree to paid more .. why.. surprised

the advertising on their website if that Website is full e-Commerce solution to build quickly a shop ...

So if the e-commerce part does not respect simple things or is often buggy, it's not a reason for us to paid more.

For some guys, we have paid Update Protection... And it's for that we have paid... to have fixes in prority and new features in second plan.... 
Actually this one is not respected by Incomedia.

So Incomedia's job is to fix their issues free of charge for us !

When you buy a Microsoft product, Service Pack are provided free, because it's included in their price. And it's the same for all editor companies... the update subscription is to have fixes at first...


I am not agree with you.


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