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William J.

What has happened to Update Protection  en

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What has happened to Update Protection?? I recieved an email stating 

"To keep things simple, we'll no longer be talking about “Update Protection"

So what was the purpose of Update Protection then? Seems to me that Incomedia have ( quietly ) dropped it? is this the case?

Elisa referes in another post that =  "the system stays essentially the same, but instead of referring to it as "Update Protection", we will talk about active and expired licence."

So what was the great hype of UP? 

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Elisa B.

Hi William, 

thank you for getting in touch, as Paul reported, the system and the idea which was introduced with the Update Protection (i.e. having 12 months of included updates and new versions) stays the same. We have though simplified the way we refer to this service by simply incorporating its concept into the licence. 

Please let me know if I can be of further help. Kind regards.

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