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John O'hanlon
John O'hanlon

Unable to use new templates  en

Автор: John O'hanlon
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I purchased the 10 Project Templates this morning and after downloading and installing same I am unable to see them when doing a new website.  Can you please advise as to how I can use same?>


John O'Hanlon

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Samantha M.

Hi John,

thank you for contacting us. 
You have purchased project templates, this means that you can import the ''.iwprj'' file in step 1 and you will find you project to open with the template + the content to customise. 
If you wish to apply the template only to an existing project, you can: open the project then save your template in Step 1 General settings - Template selection - Custom Library - hit ''export'' and save it where you prefer. 
Once ths has been done, you will be able to apply the template to the project you prefer. 

I hope this helps but please feel free to write back  if you have anymore questions about this. 
Thank you,

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