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we have another problem. Our customer has WebSite X5 Evolution 9. Program worked three years. Now appearingactivation window. Customer fill key and password. It is ok, activationis successful. But when  customer would like to start program, appearingactivation window again. He has Windows XP.

Can you help us, please?

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Noemi W.

Hi Tereza,

You can try to follow these steps:

Uninstall WebSite X5 and then delete the folder C:/Program Files/WebSite X5 v9 - Evolution

Once done donwload the latest Version of WebSite X5 from "Downloads" in your Profile and install the downloaded file as Administrator with right-click Preferences "Run as Administrator".nOnce installed, choose to start the program as Administrator with the right-click - Preferences - Run as Administrator.

If this still doesn't work it could be an issue related with the Microsoft framework .NET 3.5, in this case after having uninstalled the software and deleted the installation folder, please try to remove the .NET Framework 3.5 from your pc and then use the FX Cleanup tool you can find at:

Once the tool has cleaned the system download the Framework installer from following link and install it again:

Once the .NET Framework is installed you can proceed to reinstall WebSite X5 as administrator with right-click - run as administrator.


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