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Hugh S.
Hugh S.

XML error, project won't load  en

Автор: Hugh S.
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After several crashes doing minor font tweaks to the website on Evolution 12, I found the advice here to turn off and then back on the .NET features on Windows. After an hour of frustrating waiting for the process to complete it crashed again, and now I cannot open the project file as there is an error in loading the project - "error in XML document (4534, 9)".

Since I was going to make a long overdue backup after tweaking the fonts I am now stuck with a backup that is too old (my fault) and an inaccessible project file.

The program has been copnstantly crashing over the smallest tweaks, especially after using preview. If I cannot recover the project file then I will be deleting this program. It has great features but that it is so unstable on a Windows 10 machine with 16GB RAM makes it almost useless.

Sorry but after wasting so much time to have lost, it seems, all my changes since the last backup (yes, my fault that I had not done one more recently), it is enough to make me cry. Rebuilding the website from scratch will kill off days I cannot afford to lose.

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Simone G.

Hi Hugh,

please try to follow this procedure in order to recover your project (where it says Evolution 10):

Hope this helps

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