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Is the technical support for versions previous to WebSite X5 12 still available?  en

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With the release of the current Version 14, Incomedia will no longer provide technical support for versions previous to WebSite X5 12, except for installation and licence registration issues.

We suggest to those who are still using one of thse versions of WebSite X5, to check the availability of updates and if you find any, to download and install them. We would like to remind you the updates can be found in  the "Download" page.

For any questions or issues concerning these versions WebSite X5 you will still be able to use the resources available here on Help Center:

  • You can use the search field to find the answer in other discussions opened in the past, or look into the published FAQs;
  • You can open a new public post to put your question to the community and its active users.

We wish to remind you that the current Version 14 provides compatibility with previous versions until WebSite X5 9.

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