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Ian King

Where is my html button and my email button?  en

Автор: Ian King
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according to the youtube video of this programme and also in the help section, I'm supposed to have some buttons, or icons that allow the use of HTML language in making my pages and also ther is supposed to be an email button, where I can add email to my pages... but where are they? I cannot find them so how can I use them?

here's the youtube video

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Esahc ..
Esahc ..

Ian, in v11 evo there are html objects that can be dropped in a cell, there is the option to embed html in any text cell, and of course html can be placed in page headers, but unfortunately you are using v11 home and I suspect (I do not have this version sorry) that html is not supported in this entry level version.

I suggest you try the current v15 evo demo to see if it meets your requirements.

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