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Nathaniel J.
Nathaniel J.

Discount coupon fails when online  en

Автор: Nathaniel J.
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I added a coupon when developing my website in the Website X5 application.  I ran the site check utility in Wbsite X5.  After uploading the finished website and selecting the product available for discount, when I apply the discount code, the term "loading" occurs.  This message, however, never stops and the discount does not appear.  If I hit the reload button on the browser, the discount code disappears and no discount is enters.  I repeated this step several times and still get this error.

Please assist.  I am uploading the site to a Window's based server.  Thanks.

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Andre E
Andre E

I would suggest to try and see what happens with a different browser.

If the issue remains, check with your host the PHP settings, set it to 7 or higher.

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