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Harry K.
Harry K.

Can't open template  en

Автор: Harry K.
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I wanna open a bought template as you can see, but it won't download.......does anybode know why?

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Andre E
Andre E

Staat het sjabloon niet al in je aangepaste bibliotheek?

en anders kijk hier in de helpdesk, rechtboven naast je naam dan downloads, dan links onder templates, download hem daar en gebruik import in x5 in je aangepaste bibliotheek.

check your own library in x5, maybe it is already there?



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Elisa B.

Hello Harry,

thank you for your message.

Please delete the WebSite X5 v13- Evolition folder in C:\Users\Your Windows Username\AppData\Local\Incomedia. Please repeat this operation for each user you have on your PC, then start the program.

If you are in a hurry, you might want to install the program on another PC, so to verify if you can start your projects and download your templates normally there.

Thanks! Kind regards.

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