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Options not shows the reality of the stock details in csv file.  en

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our items for sale in stock keep in excel file and detailed with the sub-options and quantity.


shoe style option color option size 

csv file just one column with shared main like color only. "blueIblack"

in reality company stocks follow and prepared by stockkeeper in excel sheet.

for example women, sandal, heel type, blue color, silver buckle, 39 size available 40 pair in stock.

how we will connect this information with the website accordingly.

does software not enough to shoulder sub /sub/sub options.?   


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(It > En)
1) - you need to know your spreadsheet very well;
2) - in the CSV file you have to passively respect these formatting rules (*):
3) - to better understand, create a simple cart with the program, export the CSV file, consult the CSV file in the Notepad and in the Calculation Sheet, to understand how it is done, then adjust accordingly on how to design it, and import it into project;
4) - here you will find a simple CSV example file of the STAFF:

(*) - ... UTF-8 encoding; no special characters; seed separator exclusive the (;) ...




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