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Adrian B.
Adrian B.

Mystery file in my server public folder  en

Автор: Adrian B.
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While using filezilla to move some files around on my server, I found the following file in the public folder:


0 bytes, and reports to be an .html format

Any idea what this is and what it is doing?

Looks like some sort of tracking file inserted by X5?


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Andre E
Andre E

It seems a 2019 file. So I would leave it, specially if it takes no room.

I have checked a few of my sites but can't find a similair file. I guess it is from an -maybe even bought- optional object from x5? 

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Stefano G.

Hi Adrian

It looks like a file that is generated by WebSite X5 to perform certain checks before and after exporting the website online which for some reason wasn't deleted correctly after export.

You should be able to delete it without any issue.

Let me know if I can provide further insight on this

Thank you


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