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Gerrit D.
Gerrit D.

Is my Home or index file corrupt  en

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After I removed a few items from my home page, I did an upload, but somehow these items want to stay on my site, as they have now embedded them on either side of my page.

When I click to navigate to another page, and then return to the home page all is fine...

How can I resolve this as it will annoy visitors to my site.

See the attached screenshots.


Gerrit de la Rey

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Paul M.
Paul M.
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Hello Gerrit,

Your current home page is at the following URL:

Your old home page is here:

If you delete the 'index.html' file from your server then you will probably find that cures the problem on its own.  You can delete the file in Step 5 of WebSite X5: (see 'Commands for working on the server')

However, if it does not, then set the 'DirectoryIndex' on your server to fetch an 'index.php' file as opposed to an 'index.html' file.  In most cases you can do this yourself through cPanel, but if you are unsure then your webhost will almost certainly help you.  This change cannot be effected from within WebSite X5 itself.

Kind regards,


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Gerrit D.
Gerrit D.

Awesome Paul you ROCK..

I just logged in with Filezilla, and deleted the index file, 

All good now.

Many thanks

Gerrit de la Rey

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