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Kevin Prince

Create a Database  en

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HI newbie still here.

How do I create a database for users to be added to?

As far as I know all I would want are 

name, surname, email, password, Telephone, interests, Notes, Membership year, plus 1, plua2

Where plus 1 & 2 are for what I have fogotten.


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Kevin Prince
Kevin Prince

HI, Thanks A. Kris.

Looks like I  have even more learning to do....

I've not read much yet, but do I have to pay for MySQL or is it a free download. Which is the best place to take it    from. The page you suggested in the link or another site?

Brain not as quick as it used to be, sorry about that.

Regards Kevin

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.
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Hello.You just need to create the database itself on the hosting and configure the connection to it.The program will do the rest.You do not need to create fields in the database.

You can read how to create a database and find out its connection parameters in the documentation for your hosting or ask in the technical support of the hosting.

Here is the documentation for the program.

P.S. Here there are paid video tutorials in which you will find the answer to your question and many other useful information.

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