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Terrence P.
Terrence P.

Computer crashed!Lost everything including backup  en

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My computer crashed and I had my backup thumbdrive in the usb port.  I lost everything and I had to factory reset the laptop to get it working again. So now I have a functional but clean computer.

On the net there is my website, but I can not access it. It looks fine and operates normally. On this  creation of this website I chose Incomedia, as the the website builder, because the ease  in creating what I wanted.   But I chose Hostpapa to supply me my domain name and host the website.I wanted the .ca at the end of my website's name. 

I have sucessfully downloaded WX5Evo and got that operational again along with HostPapa programs.  When I accessed that WX5Evo the 'old' website was still there ( can not access that because it was created using older WX5 software and it will not let me open it up.)  The newer created website was gone so I could no longer access the website for I had to open.

I have gone as far as I can with Hostpapa, they were very understanding and patient with me. Now I am here to see if there a resolution for my problem here.  Is there a way for I can retrive my website?  


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John S.
John S.

Hello Terrence

If you have no backup your project is lost - BUT - you still have all the material on the server.

X5 can not create a project from a website. This is not possible for a web-builder.

But with X5 it is rather easy to recreate your site and make a new project.

Like with your computer you will have a "fresh" project that has none of all the unnessecary things a project will be filled with by time.

I suggest you use Filezilla to copy the whole project to your PC. You then have all the texts and all the images and the structure, and then you have to build a new project from that.

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