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Terrence P.
Terrence P.

Will not show the proper Font when Uploaded to net  en

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Greetings, my website is https//terrence-p,websitex5.

    If you go to the website and on the home page you go to the fourth character to the right... then Poems... then Ode to Odinn in will see a poem that you CAN read in the default script.
That should not should see ( see attached Font). Unless you
are familiar with the Runes that script will be like a code to you. In
5X Evo program website creator page shows the proper font, the Futhark, that I want but when I upload it to the net, it goes into the default font. I will be using
this font, the Runic one, quite a bit now and it will be essential in my
communication with other practitioners of Runes.

    I assume that you are in Italy while I am in Canada on the west coast and we have a time differential issue. Please bear with me as this communication will be slow.

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Aleksej H.
Aleksej H.

Hello. Please give the exact URL of the page with the problem.

You need to add this font.

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