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Viviana F L.
Viviana F L.

Hamburger button not working after update to v.17!  it

Autor: Viviana F L.
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I'm desperate because my site was working fine but after updating to v.17 the hamburges button does not work anymore! First of all I am talking about the hamburger button of the principle menu visible on each page under the header.

Then there's a terrible problem also with each menu I inserted on each page as each of them is visible only with a desktop computer. The other versions like the mobile one have "cancelled"that is have made them invisible. Consider that each of my websites (5 websites!) has more than 350 pages and now should I click on each menu to make it visible again??? And the hamburger button once I make it visible again on each page doesn't respect the style it had before the update. That's terrible. Please solve this now!

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Riccardo P.

Buongiorno Viviana,

se preferisci puoi scrivere in italiano scrivendo solo un topic per lingua, non è necessario aprire diversi topic con lingua differenti.

Riguardo alla tua problematica ti chiedo per favore di scrivermi l'url del sito e di allegare anche degli screenshot così da poter capire meglio.

Fammi Sapere.

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