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Any ideas, best practices or suggestions on what to do for previous Page Navigation (icons/title text)?

I'd prefer to have a back arrow inside the header.

When I create a custom page (no header) I can create a similar Header with a Hamburger button on top left and icon on top right, but when the viewport hits 360, the items collapse into 2 rows.

Just curious to see or hear how others work with previous page navigation scenarios.

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Andre E
Andre E

In the smallest viewport all items are in a single row.

If you add some code in an html object like:

<inputaction="action"onclick="window.history.go(-1);returnfalse;"type="button"value="Go Back"/>

You have a back button, but why would you want this?

You browser already provides this function. And it can be if you use code that not all browsers support it.

So best is to trusyour browser, customers that visit your website have there browsers made the way they would like so why give them possibilities like this?

If I have removed it in my browser or set it off in my browser then I don't want why would you think that I need it then. Or the other way around if i have it and use this button, why would I need a second one?

Anyway what I try to say is look at it from cutomer site.

If you want it, use the code, just give it a good thought if you do.


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